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Eavestrough In Calgary | Proper Drainage For Your Roof System

Stand up to the harsh Calgary weather with proper eavestroughing

You know that your roof is very important in managing extreme winter weather and the heavy rains and snowfalls we experience in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Red Deer. But did you know that eavestroughs are also important in protecting your roof and your house?

What is an eavestrough?

An eavestrough is often referred to as a rain gutter, or simply, a gutter, and its job is to keep rain away from the foundation of your home. You don’t want rain water washing down the sides of your house and getting into your foundation causing cracks, leaks, mold, or a flood in your basement!

An eavestrough is part of the roof system that collects rain water, then channels it away from the base of your home and out onto the lawn or driveway or wherever there is a downslope by use of a downspout and an “elbow”. Some newer homes have more than one roof, and every roof should have an eavestrough with a downspout to the ground. Eavestroughs can be made from many materials including:

  • lead
  • cast iron
  • galvanized steel
  • aluminum (this is considered the industry standard)
  • copper
  • PVC (and other plastics)
  • concrete
  • wood

Eavestrough installation

Properly designed, quality-made eavestroughs should be left up to professionals; this isn’t a DIY project. Eavestroughs should be leak-proof, rustproof, seamless, weather resistant and custom-fit to your house. After all, you want to protect your home and its value for years to come! For your eavestrough installation, search for a professional roofing company.

What about maintenance?

Time to clean out the gutters! Once you have your eavestroughs properly, professionally installed, you will want to make sure they perform well in all seasons, year after year. They must be cleaned out on a regular basis, otherwise they will get clogged up with leaves and other debris and will stop functioning properly because they won’t be able to drain the water to the downspout and elbow. As well, balls of wet leaves and muck can form in the fall, freeze and expand in the winter, and damage your eavestroughs. If you don’t want to clean your eavestroughs yourself, you can get a screen guard that sits over them, preventing any debris from falling into them. Or you can call a professional to clean them for you.

Great Canadian Calgary

Great Canadian Roofing & Siding can provide you with proper, professional eavestrough installation and services. Browse our website to find out more about us and what we can do for you. Give us a call, or fill out our online form for a free quote. You can also visit one of our locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon or Red Deer.

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