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Cedar Roofing Services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer & Saskatoon

Cedar Shakes & Shingles Are A Great Roofing Option For Calgary

Cedar shakes and shingles provide a warmth and elegance that is unmatched by man-made roofing products. Cedar’s natural oils help resist decay and withstand Canada’s freeze/thaw cycles. No other roofing material can compare to the natural beauty of cedar roofing in Calgary , Edmonton, Red Deer or Saskatoon. Cedar roofing is known for its strength, durability, and visual appeal.

Cedar Roofing Handsplit. Top roofers in Calgary .

Hand split and re-sawed shakes with the split face exposed give a rustic natural look.

Taper sawn shakes and Shingles. Best Roofers Calgary .

Taper-sawed shakes and Shingles are sawed on both sides giving a more tailored appearance to your home. Taper sawed shakes have a stronger shadow line than a shingle.

Cedar Roof Shake and Shingle Styles

If you want a rustic look, go for resawn or hand-split shakes. The exposed split face provides a unique style to any home.

Taper sawn shingles and shakes are sawn on both sides, which gives your home a tailored, yet intentionally nonuniform look. If you want a stronger shadow line, choose taper sawn shakes, not shingles.

Cedar Roof Benefits in Calgary

The most obvious benefit of cedar roofing is the striking natural beauty. Younger wood features honey yellow and cinnamon brown tones, which changes into a silvery-grey colour as the wood matures.

However, the benefits of cedar roofing extend past the aesthetics.

  • Cedar is naturally resistant to storm damage. Whether your home faces rain, snow, wind, or hail, cedar will stand strong. Cedar’s oils help the wood withstand the Canadian freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Cedar is a natural insulator. It keeps the warmth in during winter and the cooler air in during the summer, which leads to lower energy bills and happier wallets.
  • Cedar exhibits a great strength-to-weight ratio. Cedar roofing protects your home without weighing it down.
  • Cedar is resistant to decay and insect damage. It contains natural oils that preserve the wood. If you maintain and clean your roof periodically, the oils will do the rest.

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